How long is a swordfish trip?

If we don’t catch a swordfish is the trip the same price?

What is a customary tip for the crew?

What if we have bad weather the day we are suppose to fish?

Where is the boat docked?

Where should I stay if I’m fishing with you?

What do I need to bring on the charter?

Can I keep the fish if we catch one?

What is the limit on swordfish?

Can we fish for other fish besides swordfish?

How many rods do we fish for swordfish?

Do you use manual or electric reels?

Can we mount the fish if we catch one?

Where do you swordfish?

When is the best time to fish for swordfish?

What is the average size of a swordfish?

How many fish should we expect to catch?

Can we freeze and ship our fish home?